September 17, 2006

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Native Americans:  Lesson PlansWith Thanksgiving approaching, teachers across the country are getting ready to teach children about Native Americans. Unfortunately, far too often, November and Thanksgiving (and Columbus Day) are the only times of the year that Native peoples make an appearance in the curriculum. That is not "best practice!" I urge teachers to teach about American Indians throughout the year. Here's one book to help you do that.

A terrific resource for early childhood teachers is Lessons from Turtle Island: Native Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms, by Guy W. Jones and Sally Moomaw.

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Sean Carter said...

That's so true....we definitely need to pay attention to that. Kids today need to know about the real history behind one of their favorite celebration and once a year does not help. They should be taught about our tradition and culture in detail. Here's one Thanksgiving Blog which will be really resourceful to everyone.