January 06, 2008

Software for learning Navajo

Saving a language, preserving a cultureManavi is part of a team of linguists, editors and native speakers launching a year-long project to develop the first Navajo language learning system accessible to anyone with a computer.

The software will be owned by the Cornville, Ariz.—based organization Navajo Language Renaissance, and will be used to supplement Navajo language classes on and off the reservation. It will not be part of Rosetta Stone's commercial product line.

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Anonymous said...

Has there been any progress on the Endangered Language program for Navajo being developed with Rosetta Stone?
Ever since I was a boy I wanted to learn to speak their language. I think my great-great aunt from northern Arkansas was part if not full blood Cherokee, based on discussions with my aunt but it's hard to tell as they didn't discuss those things back then. Sad.