October 12, 2009

Apple computers with Cherokee font

Computer contribution helps preserve Cherokee language

By LeeAnn DreadfulwaterLiana Marquis of Richardson, Texas, contributed four Apple laptop computers valued at $4,000 to the Cherokee Nation Education Corporation with the stipulation that they be used for the Cherokee Education Language degree program at NSU. Marquis is a private citizen who has made several past contributions to the Cherokee Nation.

The biggest advantage for a Cherokee language learner is that every Apple computer sold since 2002 already has the Cherokee language font installed on it. Because the computers have the ability to type and display the Cherokee syllabary, they are a natural match for the NSU students, according to Gilliland. The computers will be available for check-out by the NSU Cherokee language program students.

1 comment:

dmarks said...

Not the best use of money. You could probably get at least twice as many PC laptops that do a lot more for that $4,000. And I'm not sure I get the "has Cherokee font" significance. Not that it is bad to have Cherokee fonts, but that having them on a computer is a trivial thing now. During the writing of this comment, I took a break and spent about 20 seconds finding, downloading, and installing a Cherokee font.