July 27, 2010

Cherokee to meet foreign language requirement

Tribe hopes to fund Cherokee as foreign language class in public schools

By Giles MorrisThe Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is urging the state to formally license Cherokee language teachers, enabling Cherokee courses taught in public schools off the reservation to count toward a student’s foreign language requirement.

Earlier this month, tribal and school officials met with representatives from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction to finalize the steps in the process.
And:The tribe’s language efforts include everything from street signs in Cherokee to language immersion programs for infants—as well as required Cherokee language classes for grades K-12 school on the reservation.

However, not all enrolled members of the tribe live in Cherokee and attend school on the reservation, so the tribe hopes to offer language courses in public schools in neighboring counties as well.

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dmarks said...

I had a Native friend who was clobbered by another state's foreign language requirement not recognizing Native languages.

It should be a no-brainer to rename this requirement everywhere as "non-English language requirement" and accept Native languages.