February 05, 2011

Inuit views in Inuktitut film

Film shows Inuit views on climate change

By Mychaylo PrystupaWhile most academics publish research papers, geography professor Ian Mauro has taken a different tack--making documentary films.

Mauro's latest research project, titled Qapirangajuq--Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change is the world's first documentary on climate change as told by Inuit in their language.

Mauro is pioneering what he calls "video research"--using filmmaking techniques to find and publish scientific discoveries.

"We made a film and people are telling their own perspectives, and their own stories, and that really inverses the dominant way of doing research," Mauro said Thursday.
Below:  "Ian Mauro (left) and Zacharias Kunuk spent months in Nunavut communities to film Qapirangajuq--Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change." (Ian Mauro)

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Mathilda said...

Thanks for the post!

I was surfing on the internet the other day, and I've also found a mention of a great 3D documentary project about Johnny May, the Inuit aviator, on a website called touscoprod.

The teaser looks nice.

It's quite new obviously, and you can become co-producer of the documentary and eventually be rewarded with some exclusive access to great contents and services (meeting with the director, previews, premiere tickets...). I'm in!

Here is the link