April 05, 2011

9th annual Oklahoma language fair

Native American Language Fair

By Keith TaylorThis morning more than 600 students showcased their Native American language skills in the largest language fair in the nation.

The two day event at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, brings together as many as 25 different tribes and 23 native languages. Students compete in a variety of categories including spoken word, song, book, poster and more modern power point and film video categories.

The language fair brings students from Pre-K through 12th grade and from across the state of Oklahoma and other states.

The Ninth Annual Youth Language Fair continues Tuesday morning at the Sam Noble Museum from nine a.m. until 2 p.m.
Competitiveness and Culture at the University of Oklahoma Language Fair

By S.E. RuckmanIt’s hard to say whether the younger or the older students were sharper at the Ninth Annual Oklahoma Native American Youth and Language Fair on April 4-5. All age groups, elementary, high school, junior high and pre-K, showed up at the two-day event ready to rumble.

At stake was bragging rights for the first place trophies and the chance to strut their cultural stuff. Some groups were old hands at the fair while others were first timers. They showed up in traditional dress or matching T-shirts carrying props, drums or stickball sticks. Herded by teachers and parents, students split off into their categories including spoken languages (group and individual) song, book, poster and video, among others.

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