September 15, 2012

Tiga Talk! teaches Cree

Children’s Show Soars Over the Language Barrier

By Sam LaskarisExperts often caution against exposing children to too much television. But they could be forgiven for making an exception in one case.

Tiga Talk!, the only preschool television series in Canada focused on aboriginal-language, is coming to town. For those who are too young to go to school yet, a popular educational series with an aboriginal focus is returning for another season. The fourth season of the series, which includes 11 half-hour episodes, will be shown nationally on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

A version with Cree subtitles, to be shown on Friday mornings, began on September 7. And the English version, airing on Saturday mornings, first broadcast on September 8. The series targets children aged 3–5.

The show is about a stuffed toy, Tiga, a wolf cub. Tiga lives with two young children, Jason and Jodie, as well as their father and Kokum (grandmother).

When the adults leave the room, Tiga comes to life as a talking puppet. Tiga’s friends, Gertie the Gopher and Gavin the Goose, also join the conversations. Besides talking puppets, each episode features some music and the opportunity to learn some new aboriginal words.

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