August 28, 2006

Word games Indians play

Scrabbling SiouxThose who hope they can stop the Dakota Sioux language from dying have hit on the perfect word: Scrabble.

A special Scrabble tournament in the language made its debut Friday, pitting teams from Sioux reservation schools in North Dakota, South Dakota and Manitoba.


Rob said...

Me neither.

I wonder if they figured out the letter frequencies in Lakota? After all, letters like Q and X probably don't appear at all. And Lakota may require other letters that aren't in the Roman alphabet.

Anonymous said...

Does Lakota have the same letter frequencies as Dakota? I'm really not sure, but I know some letters are different between the two dialect/languages.

Rob said...

I know the letter frequencies only in English, not in any Native language.

Anonymous said...

Wow!I never knew indians played Scrabble,too.